Thursday, November 8, 2007


Good Morning!
Last night we went to our friend's house, the Southams, to have dinner. They had three little Chihuahua pups. We decided that we would get one for Rachel (the family) for Christmas. It is a little female. We were working on a name this morning. We decided on Consuela Conchita de Lola. (After the "Nacho Libre" type of naming). We are looking forward to having a tiny dog for once. Someone we can dress up in "bling"! Fiona and Shrek are going to get "married" today. We think Fiona will be coming into heat any day and we want to make sure they are "legal"!! We are goin' to the DOGS around here!!


The Kahumokus said...

If you get any more stinky goats, I think you need to name one Joshua! Josh just can't get over that you have a "stinky Jacob." I want to see a picture of Consuela Conchita de Lola!

The Kahumokus said...

I saw the write-up about your family and farm in the newspaper today. Too cool!